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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bridesmaids: A Review

This weekend past I drove out to meet a good friend and see a movie. After Youtubing the trailers of the movies that were going to be playing, Bridesmaids was the movie of choice. We arrived early but apparently not soon enough as the show had just sold out while we stood in line for tickets. Seeing as there was nothing else starting soon or seemed interesting enough to actually want to see in theaters, we bought tickets to the next show later that evening.

It was a three hour wait and I was not disappointed.

Much of the buzz I was hearing before I saw the film was that it was a female version of The Hangover. There were definite similarities, intentional or coincidence I’m not sure, but I believe Bridesmaids held its own and is a film the guys can also enjoy. The film follows the story of Annie, a newly appointed maid of honor after her best friend Lillian announces her engagement. Annie has been having a rough time with things, her love life is a mess, working a job she hates, and financially strained. This strain becomes more apparent as she tries to keep up with her maid of honor duties, especially with Lillian’s new friend and fellow bridesmaid Helen, just waiting to prove how ill-suited Annie is for the maid of honor title.

The other bridesmaids, Rita, Becca, and Megan, are also along for the ride, but not in a bad way. These roles were not just filler pieces and provided their own comedic moments to the film; Melissa McCarthy the actress who plays Megan, the future sister-in-law to Lillian (sound familiar?). Melissa OWNED her role as the confidant Megan who although a little too forward at times, certainly has her heart in the right place. I found this particularly so during the scenes that took place while on an airplane.

 I thought the film was hilarious and well written. The storyline was interesting and not dragged out, nor did it zoom over points just so a joke could be inserted randomly without the right comedic timing. The sections that addressed “girly feelings” were not overpowering and tied in well with the overall tone. Kristen Wiig who played Annie did a remarkable job with her leading lady role. As for the Bridesmaids/Hangover comparison; yeah, there were a few similarities but both movies are unique in their own way and Bridesmaids is certainly not going to be found standing in The Hangover’s shadow.

 Despite the chick flick vibe one may get from watching previews or just simply hearing the title, Bridesmaids is a film I’m sure even the macho-men out there can enjoy. I’d rate Bridesmaids a 4.5 out of 5. I dock points mainly because of the very graphic portrayal of food poisoning.   


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