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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tip of the Day: Couponing

Hey guys!

I have been obsessed with the tv show "Extreme Couponing" lately and this has inspired me to do a little research into this saving money business.  Now since I'm from Canada, our laws and store regulations are very different from the US so we can't participate in couponing the way we see it on "Extreme Couponing" but we can find some cool deals.

It all started when a friend told me about websites that send you coupons for free. The ones I use are,,, and All you do is go online, sign up for free, select the coupons you want sent to you and order your free coupons! Sounds to good to be true right? But that's not all..

A couple days later I do some more thinking about coupons so I go to trusty google and search coupon blogs. There are a ton of blogs dedicated to coupons! I could have been saying money all this time! My absolute favorite is This lady is amazing!! The posts I love to read are when she does Deal of the Week and shows readers what is on sale at stores and how they can use their coupons from the above websites to save big! A few other good websites are, and

Good luck folks and happy couponing!


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