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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pirates of the Carribean: Haul + Movie Review!

Ayeeee Mateys!

Here we are again! Look at us with our new blog.. pretty snazzy eh?

For my first post I thought start with two things that I love. First being nail polish and second
being Pirates of the Carribean! OPI created a swashbuckling collection full of beautiful murky
pastels that are perfect for the pirates within us so feast your deadlights on this booty! [uhh....the nail polish ;) ]

Mermaid's Tears- a seafoam green creme that is similar to CG For Audrey but much greener
Stranger Tides- a murky grey green creme
Skull and Glossbones- a grey creme
Sparrow Me The Drama-  a pink creme
Steady As She Rose- a light pink creme that reminds me of Mod About You but much greyer
Planks A lot- A purple creme which looks like a darker version on Rumples Wiggin
Silver Shatter- Sparkley silver shatter effect

I adore this collection since my favorite nail polishes are cremes so if your a glitter girl or a shimmer sista I would steer clear of these.

As for the movie, I went not expecting much but I came out and loved it. I started watching the Pirates of the Carribean movies because I was obsessed with Johnny Depp and wanted to see him in a pirate outfit! Turns out Johnny Dep as Captain Jack Sparrow is one of my favorite charaters of all time. This is where my fond love of the Pirates series started.

This movie focused on the crew getting to the fountain of youth while they pick up a few new members of the crew along the way. The story line was interesting but the movie was to long to keep my interest the whole time. This movie was not the best of the series but I think it could be an excellent lead up to an amazing fifth movie! One thing I know is if they do come out with a fifth installement I will definitly be there to see Captain Jack Sparrow!

Much love,

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