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Friday, August 26, 2011

Lush Tag~!

Hey Friends,

I was looking for a fun tag to do today and I came across a Lush tag! Woo!

1. First product ever used from Lush and how long ago was that?
I believe it was cinders bath bomb. I ordered Lush for the first time last Christmas and bought all holiday items!

2. Top three favorite bath products (bath bombs, bubble bars, bath melts)?
Blackberry bath bomb, Comforter bubble bar and You've Been Mangoed bath melt.

3. Favorite skincare product?
I haven't used much of their skincare but I do love my recently purchased Cupcake face mask and I love Lemony Flutter.

4.Favorite Retro, discontinued, or holiday product?
Angel's Delight soap. YUM

5.Which haircare products do you use?
I use Godiva solid shampoo bar (Thanks Rebecca! <3)

6.What is one product you really want to try but haven't?
Bon Bain Benard bath bomb looks pretty and sounds like it smell super and i want to try Curly Wurly shampoo

7.What is your ULTIMATE, ALL TIME favorite product and why?
Bubble Gum lip scrub because it makes my lips soft and smooth.

I tag everyone who reads this~! Especially the Flamingo_Blush Girls! I know their love for Lush.




flamingo blush said...

Thanks for the tag! We can't wait for the holidays because it will be our first time trying holiday products from LUSH. Have you tried Snow Fairy? A lot of people rave about it!

Rachronicles said...

I haven't tried Snow Fairy but I've tried Godmother soap which is supposed 2 have the same smell and i loveeeee it~!!

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