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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things to Keep in the Car

I was raised in a house where both parents frequently traveled long distances in the car for work. When the time came for me to start driving, you can be assured that I was given a cubic shit-ton of car related advice. I was basically bombarded with everything from car parts to what I should keep in the car. Being full of typical teenage rebellion I failed to heed all of my parent’s advice and on more than one occasion found myself in a situation where I wish I had listened. 

One of my main goals for this blog is for people to learn from my mistakes so read on if you would like to know the things everyone should keep in their car.

·      Change of clothes: handy incase you break down and need to spend the night somewhere. In the winter make sure your change of clothes is warm and maybe include a small rain poncho to keep you dry for changing a tire in the rain.

·      Small cosmetics bag: pick up some travel size shampoo, soap, spare toothbrush, etc. At least you won’t have to feel grimy if you need to stay overnight somewhere.

·      Blanket: doesn’t have to be large as it can be used to bundle up in if you break down or cover up your purchases after a day of shopping.

·      Folding shovel: so you can dig yourself out of a snow bank

·      Flashlight: always handy to have around

·      Tire repair kit: you’ll be able to patch things up until you can get to a service station

·      Booster battery: this baby will be able to give your battery a boost without needing another car around. You can also get them with electrical outlets so it can be used to charge electronics like a cell phone. If you're not sure what I'm talking about just click on the link.

·      Pair of sneakers: just throw a pair that you are going to be getting rid of or a pair you found on super clearance. You just want something to throw on if you need to walk anywhere, your current footwear (ie. Heels) are not great for driving in, or you need to fix something like a flat tire (again not a great thing to do in heels).

·      Storage container: this will keep all of your supplies above from rolling around the trunk of your car. The one I have is actually collapsible, lightweight, and has Velcro on the bottom so the container stays in place. 

Now that might look like a lot but if you travel in your car a lot it is really worth these things on hand. I can fit everything into my storage container so there is still a nice amount of trunk space remaining. More general things you might wanna keep around would be tissues/wet-wipes, garbage bags, a phone book, and of course some CDs incase your mp3 player dies.

Happy driving!

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