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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shopping Trip Haul: Part 2

Hey Guys,

Here I am with Part 2 of my shopping trip haul! We went to a different mall the second day where I got a chance to go to Lush (I couldn't believe I was there in person!), Bath and Body Works and H&M.

My first stop was H&M and I grabbed a few things I thought were cute. I went into the dressing room and everything I tried on fit and looked good. I honestly thought I was dreaming but it turns out I wasn't because I'm sitting in the hotel with the bag full of clothes to prove it. I bought a camel colored blazer, a purple lace dress, a flowery peasant top, a silk royal blue top and camel/navy blue striped long sleeved shirt, a light pink tank top with ruffles and a couple of bracelets. H&M is officially one of my favorite stores.

Then I went to Bath and Body Works where I had a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase plus it was buy 3 get 3 free! I definitely could have went crazier than this but rumour has it there's a Bath and Body Works opening where I go to school so I will do my shopping there. 
I picked up:

Sweet Pea body spray and body cream- Cult favorites that smells divine.Top Notes: Sweet Pea, Watery Pear, Logan Berry, Rhubarb
Mid Notes: Cyclamen, Freesia, Raspberry
Base Note: Musk
Carried Away body spray and lotion- This smells delish as well! It's notes are:
Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Meyer Lemon, Mandarin, Juicy Pear Nectar, Lush Raspberries
Mid Notes: Purple Freesia, White Tuberose, White Jasmine, Soft Violet Petals
Base Notes: Creamy Sandalwood, Whipped Vanilla, Musk
I also bought a shower gel and body spray for my boyfriend. Then I bought 10 Halloween pocketbac's.. no I'm not completely crazy.. 5 were for my brother :).... Then I picked up 3 mini candles: 2 Leaves and 1 Mint Chocolate Chip and a Halloween handsoap that glows in the dark. (I'm not gonna lie, that was totally the selling point).

My last trip was LUSH!!!!! Yes, I am obsessed.. or maybe I should say was obsessed because the service at the Lush I went to was terrible and not at all what I imagined Lush to be. I was kinda sad but maybe I'll stick to ordering online even when I have the opportunity to go to Lush. On this trip I picked up:

Blackberry bath bomb- I used this the last night of my trip with half of my Mmm bath melt and the mix of the smells was delicious! This bath bomb also comes with a little surprise!

Pink bath bomb- This smells like candy! It was super moisturizing and this bomb also has a fun little surprise~

Mmm bath melt- This also smells like candy so it was perfect to throw in with Pink.

Wicci Magic massage bar- I bought this massage bar for my boyfriend as part of his birthday gift. I read online that it's supposed to be good for sore muscles so I hope this helps ease his pain.

Cupcake face mask- I tried this once already and I really liked it. My skin looked glowy and didn't feel dry like other face masks tend to do. Bonus: It smells like chocolate.

Hair Doctor hair mask- This felt super refreshing and my hair felt clear of build-up after my first use.

American Cream conditioner- I picked this up because it smells great! I hope it works as good as it smells!

Bubblegum lip scrub (mine's about to expire)- I have a fond love of this lip scrub.

Honey trap lip balm- This smells like orange vanilla chocolate. Sounds random but works.

As well as some great samples like Dark Angels cleanser, Fresh Farmacy face soap and Big shampoo.

                                                     Pink Bath Bomb and Mmm Bath Melt
                                                             I was lovin' on Cupcake

Bonus: Here's a few things I bought at a local store. I love handmade jewerly.

So that's my giant haul! Have you guys tried any of these products? Have you had a similar experience at Lush or was this just not a good day? Should I give them another chance? What's your favorite scents at B&BW? What's your favorite clothing stores? Are you tired of my questions? Haha! <3




rebecca said...

i. love. H&M.
it actually depresses me so much that we don't have it here!!!!!

Mana j said...

don't have an H&M here either, the closest one is four hours away but thankfully that's where my sister lives so i get to go quite often, I just bought carried away from B&BW too and i love it, it inspired me to organize a picnic :) have you ever tried black raspberry vanilla? It is my absolute favorite!!!!

Rachronicles said...

@Rebecca- H&M is amazing isn't it! and it's so cheap! I think H&M would go over well in town.. I'd be buying up the place lol~! They're so trendy and cheap.. and everything I buy always seems to be super good quality! I'm gonna ask the store if I can live there and work as a mannequin haha ;D

@Mana Lucky~! I'm gonna have to get my friend 2 start sending H&M stuff down my way.. I'm jealous she only lives about an hour away ;) I had to smell it again when you said it inspired you to organize a picnic but I can totally see where your coming from! haha :) It's so flowery and pretty.. I have never tried black raspberry vanilla but if I had known that it existed I would have definitely been picking it up, it sounds delicious! I'm gonna check it out next time for sure! Thank you for the recommendation~!

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