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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Apartment Drama: Dealing with Roommates or Lack of

Growing up I was lucky enough that I did not have to share a room with either of my two younger sisters so I really enjoy having my own space. When I moved into my first place after a year of living in residence, I had my first real experience of sharing a living space with someone else. Sure we both had our own rooms but after awhile you begin to realize that there are going to be some ups and downs to sharing an apartment. The same can also be said about living alone which I am currently experiencing as my roommate is now home for the summer and won’t be back until fall.

Here I am going to go through a basic pros and cons list to each situation and how to remedy any nasty roommate spats.

Living with a Roommate(s)
  • You have someone to split bills, food, and rent with
  • You have someone you can borrow clothes from/ask for outfit advice
  • Someone to share chores with
  • Someone to talk to
  • Even if they are holed up in their room it’s nice to know you’re not alone
  • Someone to blame those bump-in-the-night sounds on
  • Someone to go see a movie with or another fun activity
  • If roommate has a pet, you get to cuddle and play with it but don’t have to pay for any vet bills
  • Someone to study with if you’re in the same classes
  • If above is true they can also bring you notes when you’re sick
  • Someone can help you decorate your new apartment
  • Don’t have to get all the furniture
  • It’s easier cooking meals for two rather than one
  • Roommate may not want to pay for things they are not going to use ie cable or land-line
  • Food preferences may differ so much you can’t split food
  • Roommate is a crazy neat freak and gets upset when things are left dirty for two seconds
  • Roommate could be a slob
  • Roommate likes to play loud music
  • Find out you just plain don’t get along (could be true if you move in with a friend or find someone in the “Roommate Wanted” section)
  • Roommate likes to throw parties when you want to study
  • Roommate does not clean up after their pet
  • Roommate does not know how to cook and ruins your beautiful cookware
  • Roommate has no regard of personal space
  • Someone is ALWAYS around

Living Alone
  • Can arrange things just the way you like with no compromise
  • If the place is a mess, no one is around to judge you
  • Quiet time when you need it
  • Don’t have to worry about making food everyone likes
  • Can walk around in your underwear
  • Can watch trash tv without the harsh judgment of others
  • No one is going to borrow your stuff without asking (unless you get burgled)
  • No one is going to ruin your fancy cookware

  • Have to pay for all the bills, food, and rent yourself
  • Have to furnish the apartment yourself
  • All the chores must be done by you
  • No one to blame bump-in-the-night noises on
  • No one readily able to give you their approval on an outfit
  • Develop the habit of talking to yourself
  • No one to blame but yourself for ruining your own things such as your fancy cookware
  • Run the risk of becoming a crazy cat lady by acquiring too many feline companions

When it boils down to it I have enjoyed living alone these last few weeks, but I’m also excited for my roommate to come back, mostly because I really hate those bump-in-the-night noises.

If you are thinking of living with someone, make sure you think it over and discuss it carefully with that person. If either of you have mixed feelings about the situation, you’re probably not going to find living together easy. Be really honest with each other about living habits you may have or things that would bother you. For example, tell your potential roommate that you hate doing the dishes, you don’t want to pay for a land-line, and you are not going to clean up after their dog. This way you can find compromises so living together will be a great experience. Instead of doing the dishes maybe you can be primarily responsible for some other chore and agree that if you’re not paying for the land-line you will not use it or ask permission if you should need to. There is nothing wrong with making A Guideline to Harmonious Living. Being able to communicate with one another without flying off the handle will make sure you remain friends when one or both of you move out, so avoid yelling at one another or the passive-aggressive route should any problems arise.

Obviously there are pros and cons to all living situations, and your first time living with someone is going to have its challenges; but, it also is a huge milestone. You’re living without constant supervision, no curfew, you’re practically an adult! Enjoy it :)


P.S. Any stories/advice about your first roommate experience? Comment below!


Jacqueline said...

I agree with all these pros and cons! I'm getting an apartment this year with a good friend I've had since 7th grade! Really excited :)

The Rebecca and Ashlee Chronicles said...

Oh that's awesome! No doubt since you've been friends for so long you'll have plenty of fun adventures :)

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