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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NOTD: 07/20/2011

Hey Guys,

I have been feeling kinda un-inspired with nail polish this week (I know.. me?). I couldn't settle on a color. I have painted my nails 4 times in the past 2 days and I finally settled on Revlon's Ocean Spray. This color is so pretty and reminds me of the blue foil nails that was in style last summer. Ocean Spray looks similar to OPI's Catch Me In Your Net so if you missed out on that color from OPI's collection last summer, then I think Ocean Spray might fill the void.
Ocean Spray is a scented nail polish and when dry I find it smells like Glade air freshener. This smell gets annoying on my fingers after the second day. Even with a top coat on I can still smell the scent coming through but I definitely wouldn't mind if it was something fruity!

                                         Revlon's Ocean Spray, 2 coats

Revlon has excellent quality nail polish and I like how they offered something different to consumers. They have a brand new summer 2011 collection of scented nail polish out right now and I think I'm going to pick some of them up!

Did you guys try any of Revlon's scented polishes? Which ones and did you like them?



Emily said...

I have most of the shades from their scented collection & they're actually not too bad at all! My fave is bubble gum. :) they're on my blog.

Rachronicles said...

I just checked them out! Bubble gum looks so pretty and I bet it smells amazing! Mad about Mango looks awesome 2:D!

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