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Sunday, July 3, 2011

June Favorites

Hey Guys,

Another month gone by and I'm here again with another favorites! Monthly favorites are one of the videos I look forward to watching the most on Youtube but since I'm not brave enough to make videos, I'm glad that I can share my favorites through the blog <3
I've had quite a few this month so here we go!

Nyx eyeshadow trio in 28A Very Delight- This trio has a bright white highlight, a perfect summer peach and a brown which I find myself always reaching for
Benefit high beam- To get the summer glowy look

Carmax cherry lip balm- Makes my lips super smooth and has SPF 15

Nars orgasm lip gloss- Lovely color with some bronzy sparkles which look amazing on sun kissed skin
Lush Bubblegum lip scrub- Rebecca talked about the Mint Julip lip scrub in an earlier post which reminded me of my bubblegum lip scrub.. It smells like hubba bubba and will get rid of any dead skin. Before bed I use my lip sbrub then I put my carmax lip balm on top and my lips are like silk in the morning

The Body Shop apricot and basil body wash- Smells like the epitome of summer and lathers extremely well for a product with no sulphates
Victoria Secret Splash of Pink body spray in Fresh and Clean- This body spray smells just like the name says.. fresh and clean!

Escada Taj Sunset- I'm not the best at describing scents so I have this description from my favorite perfume site The India-themed fragrance features notes Alphonso mango, nectarine, blood orange, watery floral accord, raspberry, pomarose, coconut cream, sandalwood and musk.. I love this perfume for the summer.. although I can't pick of notes of a perfume, I do know I like citrus smells and I guess it really shows through this perfume

Sigma Make Me Cool brush kit- I love the quality of Sigma brushes.. This brush kit was my first experience with Sigma and it's been great so far.. This kit comes with 12 brushes and these brushes are the best I've ever owned.. I <3 you Sigma!

OPI San tan-tonio- From the Texas collection, this color is the perfect nude

Essie Turquoise and Caicos- I don't this I have heard anybody say they don't like this color.. It pops beautifully on tan skin

Friendship bracelets- I love this trend. It adds a bit of boho-ness (it is so a word ;)) to any outfit and can help you incorporate different colors.

Wrap bracelets- I also love the look of these.. I bought a leather one this month that I can't stop wearing which brings me to..

Leather accessories- Whether it be my sandals, bracelets or belt, I love the classic preppy vibe of leather accessories.

Tcby's vanilla frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles- YUMMMMM.. that is all

Song's I can't get out of my head:
Coldplay-Every Tear is a Waterfall: " I'd rather be a comma, than a full stop ".. A quote all generations should think about.. especially my age group

Robyn- Call Your Girlfriend: "Then you tell her that the only way her heart will mend, is when she learns to love again, and it won't make sense right now but your still her friend". This song is written so beautifully.. I love the transition between the first and second verse and Robyn's story-telling.

Avril Lavigne- Smile: "It's been a while, since every day and everything has felt this right
and now, you're turning all around and suddenly you're all I need The reason why I smile". A happy summery feel good song~!

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