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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where to Shop Online

I love to shop online, mainly because I don’t have to fight through crowds and my size is usually in stock. This being said I also usually shop on sites that I’ve been in the physical store itself so I have a better idea of what sizes I will need despite the sizing charts available. Here is a list of some of my favorite places to shop from the comfort of my couch.


If you don’t know what Threadless is, shame on you. It is such an awesome place to get t-shirts with unique designs. I really enjoy how it’s a community of designers who submit designs, the public scores them, and a select few with the highest scores are chosen to be sold as shirts. In the beginning designs were placed on simple tees or hoodies, but now you can purchase infant-wear, bags, and they’ve started putting the designs on different clothing styles in their “Select” line. A lot of the designs are amazingly artistic and many have a story behind them you can read about in the “About the Design” section. If a design you’re looking to purchase is sold out never fear; just click on a button and Threadless will let you know when it has been reprinted.

You can check out Threadless Tees on their website or while you’re watching Community as Abed frequently sports these awesome shirts.

American Eagle/Aerie

I don’t purchase as much as I used to from AE but I still love the site, especially since they upgraded and got a better site layout. Since I live in Canada I get dinged with extra duties and taxes but it usually isn’t that big of a deal because AE has free shipping deals every other week it seems as well as taking off an extra percentage on clearance items. Clearance is typically where I get all my items from just because I love a sale and why pay full price for something when you can get it on sale?

Victoria’s Secret

As a Canadian I suffer from lack of Victoria’s Secret stores. Did you know that they can only be found in Alberta and Ontario? I live a long ways away from either of those locations so unless I wanna jump on a plane for a few hours every time I want to shop, I’ll just have to stick to online shopping. Now I’ve never ordered any undergarments or over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, but I love their clothes. I find the sizing charts are pretty good to work with, but some items are a little short in the torso but still manageable. A big disadvantage I find with the site is that their free shipping offers generally only cover U.S. based orders. Once in a blue moon they apparently have free shipping to Canada. To make up for this there are usually some online promotion codes you can enter to save a few bucks, but without the free shipping it means that whatever I buy off the site is something I really want.


I don't tend to wear a lot of jewelry but when I do I find myself drawn to vintage-inspired pieces. Thanks to a family member I was told about this awesome website. They have tonnes of stuff to choose from ranging from very affordable pieces to some that are a little more expensive. They also have a bridal line, things for pets, frames, and lots more. I adore this site and am always on the lookout for a sale so I can order even more :) Make sure to check out their website

If anyone can suggest some other great online sources for online shopping leave your comments below. Happy Shopping!


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