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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Braces Inspired Bracelets?

Hey Guys,

I found something interesting on the net today which I wanted to share. They are bracelets made from the elastics that are used to straighten out your teeth. If any of you have had braces, you know that these elastics were the epitome of EVIL. No joke.. For those of you who never had braces imagine feeling numbness and pain while feeling emense pressure on your teeth. I know that all sounds slightly contradictory but there is no other way to explain it. And this pain was with the normal single elastics on! Now, if you will, imagine this pain quadrupled while you are being kicked in the teeth.. That brings me to these little gems called orthodontic elastic thread.

Yes, for just 5 dollars a pop you can re-live the excruciating painful memories of these bad boys. OMG YES PLEASE! "Braced-lets" come in a rainbow of neons which we can all remember getting the pleasure of picking out when they were going on our teeth.

So being a business student and all, I begin to wonder how much are people making on these wonders? When my dentist was about to put these babies on my teeth, he rolled them off a large spool which you can buy for $4.50 for a 50ft spool according to Just out of curiosity, if my dentist made bracelets in his spare time he could make at least 100 bracelets out of one 50ft spool at $5 a bracelet. For the purpose of this blurb, I left out the cost of the couple of brackets used to keep the bracelets together. I'm sure they can't be much of an extra cost because whenever I'd break one off my teeth from eating jawbreakers, my dentist replaced them for free. So this would make him $500 from a $4.50 spool of elastic.. Genius no??

Braced-lets couldn't come along at a better time because the summer trends include childlike jewelry (ex: friendship bracelets) and I've even seen some my age wear silly bands. So think that not only will we see them in elementary/ middle school but we will see them in high schools and maybe even universities.

On the plus side the website is selling "Braced-lets Boxes" aka that damn retainer case that cost you $50 bucks from your dentist, so if I ever lose my retainer case I have a cheap alternative.

My question is would you guys wear this trend?




Lizzy said...

hmm it looks kinda fun when you're wearing a whole bunch of these but the memories of braces kinda ruins the novelty :D

Rachronicles said...

They are fun aren't they! So many colors! :D and haha totally! All the painful memories!

Anonymous said...

How do I make em

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