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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Next to you-Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber

I do not understand Chris Brown. After beating his girlfriend, going through anger management, and then breaking a window on the set of Good Morning America, Brown has continued to make some money off his record sales. While doing some browsing on Youtube today, I stumbled across this little gem.

This video should be considered for Video on Trial.  Under normal circumstances I would not be able to watch this video for more than 20 seconds tops- especially with Justin Bieber in it. A special exception was made in this case, as I couldn’t stop laughing.

For starters we have Chris Brown’s hair. Seriously? Does he honestly think that looks presentable? At least he isn’t wearing that ridiculous outfit from Good Morning America, cause he looked…well ridiculous pretty much covers it. I think this photo sums it up pretty well. 

Secondly there was the Cell Phone Chick. In the midst of all the city destruction that seems to be going on, CPC seems stunned and just stands amongst the sea of running people trying to dial a number. Ok, I can understand trying to call someone during some disaster, but multi-task and at the least walk while on the phone. If you can’t manage that your best bet is to move to the sidewalk or something. That way there is a smaller chance of getting trampled in the crowd.

Next we have the outfits, specifically Chris Brown’s. My favorite is the overly tight black getup he wears while dancing next to Bieber. That getup looks like something Chris Tucker would’ve had to wear as Ruby Rhod. Added to the way he flails about with his dancing I suddenly had the urge to watch The Fifth Element. Actually the dancing in this video was also something that made me laugh.

Lets not forget the awesome dramatic sequences! I was particularly fond of the sequence where Brown finds his love interest but a deadly ravine blocks his path. For a second, I thought he was just going to run away and abandon her but he did something even better and tries to jump the ravine. As he was moving mid-air I’m thinking “Fall! Fall!” and he actually does! He doesn’t make it! This just goes to show that they were going for accuracy in this music video. This ain’t the movies where heroes can defy the laws of physics and jump beyond their capabilities. This is a music video where they try and abide by the laws of physics and men cannot leap over large ravines.

I feel kinda bad for aiding in getting this video more views, but it couldn’t be helped. It’s like crappy T.V. you know is rotting your brain but you continue to watch anyway. I’m just not looking forward to when I actually start hearing the song on the radio.


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