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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Goody Spin Pin Review

Do you get annoyed constantly adjusting your bobby pins or trying to hold your head up from the weight of the 500 million you had to put in just to keep your do in place? Well I have the solution for you.

For years I have tried so many different brands and types of bobby pins in order to achieve some sort of up do. I have fairly long hair and it gets really thick just before it’s time for a trim so many bobby pins are not up to the challenge. As a result I end up using a lot more hairspray then I’d like too or just leaving my darn mop down.

That was until I discovered the Goody Spin Pin. The commercial claims that one spin pin does the work of twenty bobby pins. At first I was skeptical but after breaking down, buying, and trying it out I instantly fell in love with these little guys. First I was afraid that the spiral design would pull my hair and get tangled but they go in painlessly and come out just as easy. They are easily concealed amongst your hair and hold everything in place perfectly.

They are easy to play around with and create different styles. I highly recommend them to anyone who has to fight with normal bobby pins.



Lizzy said...

They do seem like a good idea, don't think they sell something like those over here though =)

The Rebecca and Ashlee Chronicles said...

If worse came to worse you can order them online, sometimes relatively cheaply since they come as a 10pc set instead of the regular 2pc :P But that's only if ya reallllly want them

Rachronicles said...

And I've seen them at Wal-mart, so if you have one around your in the clear :D


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