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Friday, June 3, 2011

Hands on the Wheel Please

There are many different emotions a person can go through while driving a car that does not belong to them. If it happens to be something like a go-kart you feel like a kid in a candy store. You can zoom around as fast as you like and pretend you’re in NASCAR. If it is something along the lines of a company car, you’re an emotional roller coaster.

With the company car first you may feel excitement at driving a snazzy car that is kept clean and in top-notch shape. You can drive around feeling like you’re important since you get full use of the company rig. But as you’re driving along, the person behind you is getting a little too close. Suddenly you find yourself muttering, “Hey now, two car lengths buddy! Two!”

You now notice every piece of debris on the road and take extra care to avoid the potholes. Welcome to my world.  

During the month of June my job involves a lot of driving, as I have to go to sites all over the province. While I’m driving the company car I notice how many people don’t follow the rules of the road and that an alarming amount seem to be at an age where the only driving wheel they should be in control of are those belonging to a video game. For instance today I’m 99% sure it was a twelve year old kid that got the bright idea to try and run me off the road by creating a third lane by straddling the solid line on a merge.

Whether I’m driving the company car or my own, I am sick and tired of dodging idiots who are blabbing on the phone, doing their makeup, and eating a breakfast sandwich all at the same time. Your hands are for driving, not your elbows. Take yourself to the mall, get a hands-free calling device, do your makeup before you leave the house, and refrain from eating a five-course meal during your commute because I’m sure that you want to arrive home in one piece just as much as I do.

Safe Driving,

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